4th Salisbury (Harnham) Scouts

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Tuesday term time

Cub Scout Promise:

I promise that I will do my best

To do my duty to God and to the Queen

To help other people

And to keep the Cub Scout Law




Cub Scout Law:

Cub Scouts always do their best

Think of others before themselves

And do a good turn every day





Cub Scout Motto: Be Prepared


Dark Green crew neck sweatshirt, Navy Blue activity trousers

and /or shorts

Group scarf and woggle

Suitable footwear


Section: Pack divided into Sixes

Age Range: 8 to 10½ years – with some flexibility


Membership Award

Moving-On Award (Cubs to Scouts)

Joining In Award x3

Challenges x7

Activity Badges x33

Activity Badges x6

Group Awards x3

Silver Chief Scout’s Award (Highest Award for a Cub Scout)


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Cub Scout Leader: Graham Dredge

Contact: [email protected]


‘The best part of Scouting is definitely the camps. I love every activity we do apart from swimming. They told us the pool was 24 degrees centigrade. Minus 24 more like!’

Scouting is one of the great success stories of the last 100 years. From an experimental camp for 20 boys on Brownsea island in 1907, it has spread to 216 countries and territories, with an estimated 28 million members.


Cubs is the second section of the Scouting movement, originally started in 1916 for younger brothers who wanted a 'look-in'. In nearly a century, the section has constantly evolved and adapted its programme and methods to meet the changing needs of each generation of young people, and these days admits girls as well as boys.


A Cub Scout Pack  is split into smaller groups called Sixes. Cubs take part in a wide range of activities designed to be interesting and challenging. A Cub Scout meeting consists of games and activities with plenty of time spent outdoors.


Camps and holidays are some of the most memorable events of the year for Cubs.

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Cub Scouts

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'10 bins, 4 planks of wood, 3m of rope and river full of crocodiles. Sounds like a normal Tuesday night.'

cubs swimming

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District Swimming Gala 2018 Runners-up