4th Salisbury (Harnham) Scouts

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Group Council:

As a parent or guardian of a child in the Group you are automatically a member of the Group Council and as such you are entitled, indeed expected, to attend the Group’s AGM and have your say about your Group.



Group Executive Committee:

This body is responsible for Group property and equipment, fundraising, finance and other administration duties to support the Group Scout Leader in the running of the Scout Group. They along with all members of the Group Council are there to provide the resources and financing to enable the Section Leaders to deliver the Scouting programme and activities for our young people.

If you have a business mind, are good with finance and fundraising or wish to represent the views of other parents on this committee, please talk to the Group Chairman or Group Scout Leader.

We are especially looking for parents from the Beaver and Cub groups to bring in new ideas and to replace members who may leave once their children have finished Scouts. Without parents joining from all the groups the Executive committee would be very difficult to run and our Scouts group may have to close.

The committee meet approximately six times a year in a local pub, so chips and a drink always start the evening off!



Supporting Your Child

Scouting is a team effort, Leaders only see the children for a couple of hours or so each week so they rely on parents and guardians to do the rest!

Encourage your child to prepare themselves for meetings – don’t do everything for them.

Please ensure that you deliver and collect your child at the appropriate times and place, as advised by the Section Leader.

Always check that an Adult Leader has arrived before leaving your child. Please tell the Section Leader if someone different from usual will be collecting them. Members are never left unsupervised, but if you are persistently late, the Section Leader may ask you to make other safe arrangements for collection. Beavers and Cubs are never allowed to leave the end of a meeting without being collected.

Make sure your child’s uniform is always clean and smart.

Our members wear uniform to distinguish themselves and to make themselves clearly visible. The wearing of our uniform also serves to install a sense of pride in the Group and Scouting in general, as well as showing their individual achievements in the form of badges. Because of this please ensure, unless advised otherwise by the Section Leader, that your child wears their uniform to every meeting or event.

Please ensure that you return activity forms and any payment on time. If you have difficulties completing forms or making payments then please speak in confidence to the Section Leader.

If your child cannot attend a meeting, please email and let the Section Leader know; email addresses are listed on the website. This is essentially important for those children in Scouts who make their way to meetings by themselves.

Children are not generally known for remembering things so after a meeting ask – have they a letter? message? anything to do for next time?

Please ensure that you inform the Section Leader of any change in the family situation that is likely to affect your child’s behaviour. It is not necessary to give details. All information will be treated in confidence.



Behaviour and Discipline

One of the ingredients of a good Scout Group is underlying discipline. All members are expected to behave well and appropriately. This is essential in all sections and inappropriate behaviour will not be accepted. Children in positions of responsibility such as Cub Pack Sixers and Scout Patrol Leaders will be expected to set a good example to the younger members of their section.

Generally, minor incidents will be dealt with by a “ticking off” and if the child or children get the message then that’s the end of it. However more serious examples, such as bullying or lack of respect for Leaders, will result in a child’s parents or guardians being contacted. Actions will then be agreed on with the individual and their parent/guardians to put an immediate end to the disruptive situation.  There is a Behaviour Policy form available to download from the 'Other Information' page, which outlines behavioural expectations. Whilst Leaders always try to be aware of an individual member’s circumstances particularly where these may be difficult for the child, continued anti-social conduct cannot and will not be tolerated in a movement in which both adults and young people are there by choice and primarily wish to enjoy themselves.

Section Leaders reserve the right to exclude individuals from section meetings and activities for a period of time agreed with an individual’s parents or guardians should their behaviour warrant it. In extreme cases an individual may be asked to leave the Group after discussions involving the Group Scout Leader, the appropriate Section Leader, the individual and their parent/guardians.



Medical / Dietary Information

It is essential that you inform the Section Leader if your child suffers from any medical condition or if they require any specialist medicines or treatment. We especially need to know about any allergies if they are serious and require your son/daughter to carry an epipen.

It is also necessary for information to be supplied to the Section Leader about any dietary need of your child. In the first instance, you should provide this information on the Child’s Personal Details Form and, thereafter, update the Leader if circumstances change.



Parental Permission

It is taken as understood that you give your permission for your child to take part in Scouting activities at the usual meeting hall during the normal section meeting time. However, when your child becomes a member of our Group, you are asked to provide additional permission for your child to take part in Scouting activities that may take place away from the usual meeting hall and time.

In addition, you are also asked to give permission for your child’s image to appear in publications such as newsletters, magazines, press releases and websites. In order to protect your child, we undertake never to associate their full name with their image.

Where we may wish to use your child’s full name, for example in a press release, additional permission will be sought from yourselves on a per occasion basis.

Your permission will also be needed for specific Scouting activities, camps and activities that may take place at a different place or time. You will be asked to complete a separate parental consent form in such circumstances.

At the present time, the subscription rate is £30 for a full school term.

This membership fee includes insurance for all members of the Group.

Special events, camps and outings will usually have a separate charge and you will be informed of that by your Section Leader. The purpose of the charge would only be to cover the cost of the particular activity.



Gift Aid

Gift Aid offers a really important way to boost the value of our membership subscriptions. As we are a charity, HM Revenue & Customs regards membership subscriptions as 'donations' on which we can reclaim 25p of tax for every pound given. The Gift Aid Declaration form is available from any Leader. Please read the notes on this form and if you can agree to the declaration then complete and return this form. It is important that where parents have separate bank accounts, then the person making the declaration should also pay the membership subscriptions from their own account. Parents who have more than one child in the Group need only complete one declaration.



When Will My Child Change Section?

You will be notified by the Section Leader when your child is due to move on to the next section.

To ensure a smooth transition your child will have the opportunity to visit the next section and work towards the Moving-On Award. Where possible and age and time allows we will try to ensure your child moves on with another member of the section.

Generally a child will move from Beavers to Cubs at the end of the term in which their 8th birthday occurs and similarly from Cubs to Scouts at the end of the term in which their 10th birthday occurs.


How Can I Help The Group?

The Scout Association is run by volunteers and it encourages parents and guardians to assist in the leadership team on a regular or occasional basis. Any support that you or your family can offer Scouting and our Scout Group is welcomed, appreciated and valued.



Parent Helpers:

All of our Sections are short of Leaders. The Scout Association lays down strict adult: child ratios for meetings and outings. So in order to keep Sections open we ask that parents be prepared to attend a section meeting at least once a term to assist the Leaders in running the meeting and acting as Parent Helpers. As well as giving us practical help it also allows you to see what activities your child gets involved in.

Your Section Leader may provide a rota at the beginning of each term. Please support us in this: it is vital for the safety of all children that we have enough adults at each meeting!

Section Assistants:

If you enjoy attending the occasional section meeting and feel that you may wish to help on a more regular basis why not consider becoming a Section Assistant. This would involve helping a Section Leader deliver their Section’s Programme. There is a requirement to undertake a small amount of ‘Essential Information’ training and to complete the necessary CRB Form if you have not already done so. Uniform is optional, and is paid for by the Group.


Within each section there is usually a Leader assisted by a number of Assistant Leaders. All sections must have at least one appointed Leader to be able to operate effectively. They are responsible for the delivery of the programme for their section as well as the health and well-being of the children in their care whilst on Scouting activities.

If you have enjoyed being a Section Assistant or wish to jump straight in, why not consider joining the leadership team as a Leader. You don’t have to have a Scouting or Guiding background, just the willingness to want young people to have fun and fulfil their greatest potential,  it’s great fun and rewarding for Leader as well, just have a talk with a Section Leader or the Group Scout Leader.

Full training and uniform is provided by the Group, as well as valuable help, advice and support from other Leaders in the Group and District.




‘When was the last time you explored the great outdoors? I mean really explored, when you set out into the unknown with a map and compass, a rucksack, a tent and sleeping bag; the sort of exploring that makes your heart beat faster.


‘I think it’s so hard for young people to get out and experience the outdoors – it can be quite an intimidating place – lots of people don’t know how to get out there. Scouting provides a safe way to explore the outdoors. They’re going to have an adventure, but they’re going to do it with people they know and trust, and they’re going to be looked after.’

Parents Information

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